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About Us& Our Catering Companies

Catership connects customers to catering vendors. Our passion is catering made easy. We offer free catering coordination services and facilitate your experience from beginning to end. Catership is driven by quality customer service and maintains all relationships by delivering convenience, efficiency, and of upmost importance, time saving value. 

Catership was born through an innovative idea to bring a growing niche of caterers to market in a cost effective way while passing along cost savings to end customers. 

What Catership does is offer time-saving solutions to both food service providers and customers. Customers benefit from an adviser to guide them through the selection and coordination of the catering process.  For food service providers, Catership is a pay for performance model that connects them with customers. 

Catership negotiates discounts with vendors for participation in their pay for performance model. The online order processing system is efficient and easy for vendors to view their orders.  Orders are coordinated electronically in real time.  Then Catership actively follows up with customers and vendors to make sure expectations are met.  At the end of the day, Catership emphasizes its valued relationships with both customers and food service providers.  

“We have a unique understanding of customer needs.” Satisfied customers are rewarding Catership with repeat business and referrals which have given us the opportunity to highly succeed in this market. 

Core Values:

Cost savings, Loyalty, Customer service, and Relationships.    

Mission Statement: 

Connecting customers and vendors through enhanced catering coordination services that foster long term relationships.

Vision Statement: 

Revolutionize catering by defining new methods to connect customers to their ideal vendors. 

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